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The greatest art among all arts is HOW TO LIVE
The truth is that everyone on this earth is an actor and he or she comes in the world for a brief span of time and goes away…It’s part of Abhinay Yog..

About Abhinay Yog

To remind oneself that one is an actor on the world stage and has to perform according to the wishes of the supreme director, abhinaya yog comes as a help.

3 Phases: as an actor I have realized the potential of Abhinay (Acting)
Our Aim of Abhinay Yog
Self-development of Every Individual & 3 Phases
Phase - I of Abhinay Yog

In the first phase it teaches you the basic skills of the craft of ACTING or ABHINAYA so that one is able to reproduce and re-enact all the major feelings and emotions of one's life...

Phase - II of Abhinay Yog

In the second phase it teaches an individual who has already learnt the basic acting skills, how to cleanse the mind and get rid of all negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions and thinking.

Phase - III of Abhinay Yog

in this final stage, an individual realizes his true nature and starts new and fresh journey which is going into depth of his BEING...the summum-bonum of human life is self-realization or self-knowledge


By the following ten lessons one learns the basic Abhinay Yog..

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My Personal Experience
of last 20 years

Abhinaya Yog™ is my own research work ..as an actor I have realized the potential of abhinaya as a means for spiritual upliftment only if the energy is redirected towards the attainment of supreme.

My desire is to create a new ideal for our youth which is like radar less boat at the moment.

Youngsters do ape their matinee idols but in the end themselves become psychic wrecks because the image created by their idol is false and imaginary.

I desire that let every individual learn the the basics of acting ,discover the actor within himself ,feel like an actor  for some time and learn to use this craft as a means of self-development and make his own individual life better.

A new set of techniques of concentration practice of which enables one to experience bliss or Ananda

Behind the scenes