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Lalit Parimoo is a film ,television and theatre actor well known for his performances in Shaktiman, Haider, Mubarkan, Kathor, Scam 92 and other TV Shows like Jhoome Jiya Re, Bhaskar Bharti,Tejaswini, Kangan, Faasle, Remix, Maila Aanchal.

Founder's Message

Let every individual learn the basics of acting, discover the actor within, learn to use this craft as a means of self development and make one’ s life better.

Human being is primarily a psychic being and it is more so in the current era. The spiritual side of one’s personality remains unexplored. Abhinaya Yog is one such method that can open the chambers of one’s psychic being with a touch of spirituality.

- Lalit Parimoo, Founder, Film Actor

We are idea driven, working with a strong focus on Acting Skills and deliveries in plays.
Transform your ideas. We know that talents need to be polished.

Teaching you the fundamental technical abilities & craft you require as an actor. Each block of classes engages the specific creative techniques to unlock your potential.

each time you come into an audition, you are bringing all the work you’ve put into your craft
Build your analytical skills to approach script and text

By locking into the deeper material within a script you can extract a more rich performance and you can do this easily by understanding the content and structure.

We are idea driven, working with a strong focus on design and user experience.
Transform your ideas. We know that good design means good business.
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Through working on your breath you can open the action and text of a scene in new and exciting ways
explore the character; focusing on stance, flow, and movement

Our workshops are both technical and creative, offering vital and visceral insights into the importance of voice and movement on an actor’s craft. Through strengthening both you can unlock the true power and potential of your acting.

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Years of experience working in Bollywood

SINCE 1987 in Bollywood
Niraman, Maila Anchal, Shaktimaan, Agent Vinod, 15+

LP Acting Academy is a centre of learning for all those who wish and desire to understand and know the deeper and finer aspects of Acting. The system of Abhinay Yog is a new and fresh approach developed and practised by the veteran actor and mentor Lalit Parimoo.