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Years of experience working in Bollywood

SINCE 1987 in Bollywood
Niraman, Maila Anchal, Shaktimaan, Agent Vinod, 15+

LP Acting Academy is a centre of learning for all those who wish and desire to understand and know the deeper and finer aspects of Acting. The system of Abhinay Yog is a new and fresh approach developed and practised by the veteran actor and mentor Lalit Parimoo.

Applications now open for 2022/23 entry

Graduating Students

Meet our graduating acting students as they prepare to take their first steps into the industry.

What's On

Come and watch a show in one of out theatre spaces or join us for an event.

Abhinay Yog

Abhinav Yog is an effective process for balancing and healing the mental health crisis while acting. 

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Play Based Acting Courses

World-Leading in Depth Training

Our mission is to inspire, educate and train the performers, practitioners and change-makers of tomorrow to shape the aspirant’s future and the performing arts.

Actors' Preparation for Stage & Camera

We provide specialist practical and performance-based training in music and drama, enabling students to enter and influence the world of music, theatre and related professions.

Student's Production

Graduating students are provided full opportunity to perform the play on the stage among the audience .

We offer every aspirant

Inclusivity is our core value and we respect each other. We offer every aspirants to become the part of the team and this is integral to our excellence.

Body movement 95%
Voice and Speech 85%
Auditions and self tests 75%
Courses that makes perfect actor perfect performer perfect professional

It is the secret to truthful acting and has been developed by the school’s founder from years of obsessive research and ambition to find a simple and consistent way to create truth as a performer.

  • Body movement with special classes on Yogaasan
  • Voice and Speech
  • Acting games and exercises
  • Special classes for auditions and self tests

Meet the Alumni

Meet our talented alumni through our official database for professional Screen Actors.

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